Welcome to the New Possible

Tria Federal (Tria) is the premier middle-market IT and Advisory services provider delivering digital transformation solutions to Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence agencies across the federal sector. With a future-forward vision and a mission rooted in service, we bridge capability gaps to help government agencies work faster, grow smarter, and stay nimble in the face of change. But what really makes Tria special?


What defines the Tria brand is more than just our dedication to excellence in our craft; it’s our incredible team of dedicated, talented, and passionate people that make Tria so exceptional. At Tria, we are a diverse and dynamic professional community driven by a mission rooted in service to colleagues, customers, and community. Our name “Tria” (the Greek word for the number three) represents these three core pillars of service that are at the heart of all that we do here together.


Dedication to excellence in all that we do


As the product of three industry leaders integrating together after decades of successful program delivery, Tria brings the best of the three legacy companies together in one integrated bigger, better and bolder team. Tria truly is a force-multiplier that blends together the reputational excellence of the three mature legacy brands with a robust full-lifecycle capability set, a deep talent roster, extensive intellectual capital and unparalleled reach back from decades developing proven best practices, methodologies, tools and assets. With more than 30+ years’ combined experience at the forefront of the digital transformation movement across the federal sector, our best-in-class, multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts provides comprehensive, end-to-end IT and business advisory consulting services to meet our federal government customers at all stages of the digital transformation lifecycle. We are firmly committed to helping our customers meet the increasing demand to modernize for improved efficiency and mission readiness. From people to operations to code to machines, we do it all!


Diversity, Inclusion and Opportunity


As a company of 1,000+ employees located across more than 43 states – 49% female, 60% minority, and 15% Veteran – we pride ourselves in our ethnic, gender, geographic, and even generational diversity. We believe differences make our community stronger. Not only do different voices spanning across locations, divisions, and departments strengthen our corporate culture, but they are also the catalysts that enrich employee ingenuity, broaden our capabilities, deepen our synergies, and improve the employee experience – ultimately enhancing the quality of our customer service. We take great pride in the diverse backgrounds, skillsets, professional experience, and unique perspectives across our employee family, and we strive to create a culture of warmth and belonging so that every individual can thrive.

At Tria our four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) representing a range of employee interests and affinities offer the opportunity for employees of diverse backgrounds to broaden their associations with their colleagues while expanding their leadership skills, knowledge of the industry, and community network. As a forum for meaningful conversation, connection, professional development, and philanthropy, advocacy, and community service, these employee networks provide opportunities for meaningful engagement across our employee family and enrich our inclusive, growth-minded corporate culture.


A Servant Leadership Mindset


As a values-driven company with a mission rooted in service, service is a defining element to who we are as a professional community and foundational to our corporate DNA, past present and future.  As individuals, as a team, and as a firm, we strive to go above and beyond in how we show up for each other, for our customers, and for our community. Our mission is rooted in service, and our desire to make a positive impact drives us to be and deliver our best in all that we do together as a team. This commitment to service also informs our servant leadership mindset; we empower our teams to develop new skills, grow as professionals and be their best self in work and life.

The work environment at Tria is engaging and team-oriented, a place where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed, valued and respected, where employees are seen as whole people with interests, hobbies, and family life outside of work, and where giving back to make a positive impact on others is the mission.  Whatever your background, your role, your department, or stage in your professional journey, you have big support around you, big resources available to you, and big opportunities to learn new skills, seize new challenges, and advance your career. You can put your fingerprint on mission-critical projects impacting the citizens we serve. You can help to shape our community as we aggressively expand and grow, all while becoming your personal best and being recognized for it.

I’m thrilled to be on this journey powering the possible in the service of our mission alongside this incredible team and I look forward to all that lies ahead as we help our customers solve their most pressing challenges.


Welcome to the new possible!
  • About Tim Borchert


    A career health executive with more than 25 years of industry experience leading multidisciplinary teams through complex operational improvement initiatives, Tim is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy. In guiding one of the premier middle-market Technology and Advisory Services provider to the federal market, Tim’s focus is to drive organic and inorganic expansion, while balancing this growth with an “Employer of Choice” culture where diversity and inclusion are both welcomed and celebrated.