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We Deliver Transformative Solutions
for the Health of the Federal Ecosystem

  • Optimizing IT across the Continuum of Care

    We provide end-to-end digital transformation to modernize, integrate, streamline, automate, sustain and enhance critical information systems to improve outcomes across the care continuum.

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  • Enhancing Public Safety & Citizen Services

    We modernize, secure, and optimize essential pathways to resources, information, and services critical to public safety, justice, natural disaster recovery, and citizen engagement.

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  • Transforming Value-Based Care

    From process efficiencies to revenue cycle management, resource planning, budgeting, and financial forecasting, we support high-value healthcare delivery across the largest integrated Health System in the US.

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  • Safeguarding the Nation's Warfighters

    Today's battlefields are constantly evolving; real-time all-source decision-quality intelligence delivered at speed can be life-sustaining for warfighters. We apply advanced technologies to enhance mission-critical information systems to support national defense.

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  • Advancing Life Sciences

    We apply advanced technologies, comprehensive informatics, and cutting-edge analytical tools to support data-driven Biomedical, Epidemiology, and Clinical Research & Development and power innovation across the Operational Medicine Community.

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