Tria Federal Announces Larry Bradshaw as Chief Financial Officer
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Intelligence Engineering & Operations

We lead end-to-end modernization efforts for mission-critical, mission-essential, and mission-enabling information systems that advance enterprise governance and sustain information dominance for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC).

Mission-Enabling and Mission-Essential

Our team of DoD and IC enterprise architects provide deep subject matter expertise and advisory services for drafting Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) compliant Architecture Descriptions and Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) compliant business standards.

We are a trusted partner to the DoD and IC in their efforts to modernize knowledge management and enterprise management systems and tools, counter emerging threats, and strategically position agencies to support the war-fighter, decisionmaker, and policymaker in a rapidly changing world.

We Support Real-Time All-Source Information Dominance

In response to the complex and rapidly-changing data-centric environment of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the intelligence community, our team leads end-to-end modernization efforts to integrate and evaluate current and future efforts; evaluate critical gaps and requirements; identify risks to agency and mission partner mission-critical, mission-essential, and mission-enabling information systems; and apply new and innovative technologies and methods to create resilient, tailored, and scalable solutions that advance enterprise governance.

  • Tradecraft & Analytical Methodology

    As a trusted partner to the Intelligence Community (IC) for more than a decade, our intelligence experts design and implement timely, analytic frameworks to support, safeguard, and inform the modern warfighter from sensor to shooter.

  • Intelligence Operations & Services

    Our end-to-end innovative Intelligence Operational Support and Services include all-source intelligence analysis, SIGINT, GEOINT, CI, HUMINT, MASINT, identity intelligence, OSINT, cyber, FMV, processing-exploitation-dissemination, identity management and signature reduction, contracting support, and acquisition support.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)

    From deep learning to deeper insights, our advanced AI/ML algorithms accelerate structured and unstructured data extraction, analysis, and processing at scale to support actionable intelligence at mission speed.

Data is Everywhere

Applying advanced analytic capabilities, we harness data to enable synergistic, streamlined, decision-quality intelligence to solve mission-critical challenges for our customers.