Tria Federal Announces Larry Bradshaw as Chief Financial Officer
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The Art of the Possible

Building on our decades-long legacy of excellence as a foundation, Tria brings the best of three proven leaders of industry together into one powerhouse team delivering transformative IT and Advisory solutions across the federal sector.

Our Story

In January of 2022, with the backing of the private equity group Sagewind Capital, management consulting firm Federal Advisory Partners (F|A|P) announced the acquisition of two leading IT and digital transformation solutions providers serving the federal sector: Favor TechConsulting, LLC (FTC) and Universal Consulting Services (UCS). The three government services consulting firms spent the 2022 calendar year aligning synergies in a powerful strategic partnership that extended far beyond just a complementary capability set.

United in mission, vision, and a foundational commitment to service, the platform unified under the Tria Federal banner in 2023 to become the premier middle-market IT and Advisory Services powerhouse delivering an unmatched combination of robust, big-firm capabilities with the intimacy, agility, and customer focus of a boutique partner.

  • 2001

    Universal Consulting Services (UCS) founded

    UCS began with a husband-and-wife team with the vision to apply transformative IT solutions to help government agencies improve healthcare delivery.

  • 2011

    Favor TechConsulting LLC (FTC) founded

    FTC was founded by a woman Army Colonel with the goal of facilitating the interoperability and integration of Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) electronic health records for better Veteran care.

  • 2017

    Federal Advisory Partners (F|A|P) founded

    F|A|P was founded by a small group of non-profit consultants driven by a common goal to steward operational efficiency and fiscal responsibility across the federal sector.

  • September, 2021

    F|A|P receives strategic investment from Sagewind Capital

    With backing from visionary private equity group Sagewind Capital, F|A|P became Sagewind's 5th government services portfolio company.

  • January, 2022

    F|A|P acquires FTC

    With the start of the 2022 calendar year, F|A|P announced the acquisition of FTC and an exciting strategic partnership begins!

  • February, 2022

    F|A|P acquires UCS

    With UCS as a third strategic partner, the F|A|P - FTC - UCS platform becomes a middle-market powerhouse providing robust, end-to-end digital solutions and consulting services to federal government agencies.

  • March, 2023

    Tria Federal is born

    The successful integration of the F|A|P - FTC - UCS platform culminates with the launch of Tria Federal as the premier IT and Advisory solutions provider driving the "future-proofing" movement across the federal sector.

We Power Possible

We enable federal agencies to work smarter, operate more efficiently, and thrive on next.

Who We Are

At Tria, we are a diverse and dynamic professional community driven by a mission rooted in service to colleagues, customers, and community.

What We Do

We supercharge organizational governance, business processes, and data-driven decision-making to transform the business of government.

Who We Serve

Our footprint is wide-ranging and fast-growing, encompassing Civilian, Defense, and National Intelligence agencies across the US Federal Government.

Our Vision is Forward-Leaning

We aim to be the employer of choice for an inspired, empowered, purpose-driven team of best-in-class talent. We strive to be the partner of choice behind a smarter, leaner, future-proof federal government.

Our Mission is Rooted in Service

Fueled by our passion for innovation, robust capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to serve, we deliver forward-thinking solutions to transform the business of government.

Our Culture is Values-Driven

As a professional community, we strive to be...


We are outcome-driven, quality-obsessed, and relentlessly focused on innovation as a value driver.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and always strive to do the right thing.

Servant Leaders

We empower our teams to think big, develop and grow as professionals, and be their best self in work and in life so all can thrive.


We champion diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for all. We believe differences are integral to our community, enriching employee ingenuity, broadening our capabilities, enhancing the employee experience, and elevating the quality of our service.

Stewards of Success

As active participants in making a positive impact for a brighter future, we are stewards for the success of our colleagues, our customers, and our community.

Join the Tria Team

You can put your fingerprint on mission-critical projects impacting the citizens we serve.

Where Innovation meets Inspiration

We are a diverse and dynamic community of professionals.