The F|A|P - FTC - UCS Platform Becomes Tria Federal
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By prioritizing security at every phase, we design high-velocity development cycles that are truly frictionless.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

When security is seamlessly integrated throughout the lifecycle, risk, exposure, control, and compliance become accelerators instead of inhibitors.

With our "Build‑Once, Deploy-Anywhere" approach to software development, we leverage our extensive experience deploying configured DevSecOps and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to push code early and often for continuous review. Using automated increments and incorporating end-user feedback, security scanning, API tests and more at every stage in the cycle, our advanced Agile methodology produces high-quality, high-velocity production-ready releases of security-compliant software.

Secure Software at Speed of Business

We shift left to accelerate forward, incorporating lean, synergistic practices to improve operations, collaboration, and teamwork, reduce re-work, increase quality through automated testing and monitoring, and deliver early and often with reduced cycle time to the customer or end-user.

  • Software Development

    Our enhanced Agile process incorporates end-user feedback, security scanning, API tests and more at every phase in the cycle for high-quality, high-velocity releases.

  • Systems Engineering

    We leverage best of breed programming languages, frameworks, software development tools and platforms to drive highly customized, secure, scalable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions to optimize business operations.

  • Low-Code No-Code Development

    We build and deploy turnkey solutions for customized applications that strategically align with business priorities.

The Power of Partnership

We leverage advanced tools, platforms, and services from leading commercial partners to create cutting-edge technology-enabled solutions that unlock value for our customers.