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Interview: Tria is Building and Investing for the Future

March 18, 2024 (ARLINGTON, VA) – In a recent interview with GovConWire, Tria COO Mike Cosgrave explained how Tria stands out in the GovCon advisory and technology markets.

Check out these key excerpts from the interview:

How has Tria Federal’s culture evolved since you combined three businesses to create a new company last year? 

Building on our decades-long legacy of excellence as a foundation, Tria brings the best of three proven leaders of industry together into one powerhouse team delivering transformative IT and advisory solutions across the federal sector. Our primary focus is the healthcare market, including clients like the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defense Health Agency, but we also serve other sectors like the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and federal civilian agencies. With around a thousand employees, we’re a large middle-market company backed by private equity firm Sagewind Capital […]

What’s the most impactful trend you’re currently seeing in the GovCon market? How are you seeing GovCon organizations respond to that trend?

An interesting trend I’ve been observing, evident not only within the DOD but also permeating into federal civil services and beyond, pertains to the government’s approach to tackling significant digital transformation initiatives. Historically, the conventional method involved government contractors providing professional services to support agencies or offices, essentially acting as an extension of the government to fulfill their mission. These contractors often segmented tasks, bringing in specialized expertise as needed, resulting in a disjointed process. However, there seems to be a gradual departure from this model towards a more integrated approach, resembling a results management framework […]

While not yet universally adopted, this trend reflects a nuanced understanding of the evolving needs of digital transformation efforts across the federal government. What’s particularly promising is how GovCons are adapting to meet these changing demands. In our case, I believe Tria is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. With our extensive domain experience, particularly in healthcare-focused markets like the VA and DHA, coupled with our track record in providing enterprise-level technical solutions, we offer a unique blend of advisory and technical capabilities. Moreover, being a mid-sized company affords us a level of agility and collaboration that larger entities may be challenged to achieve […]

What factors are influencing your growth strategy as you look toward Tria Federal’s future?

[…] Our company has a strong emphasis on supporting government agencies like the VA and DOD in their transformation efforts, particularly in understanding and integrating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation. We’ve established a solid foundation in this regard. However, we understand the importance of continuously upgrading our in-house technological expertise to provide enhanced value to our customers.

To stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape, we’re taking a proactive approach, building and investing for the future. We recently welcomed John Cho as our new chief technology officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience from leadership roles in multi-billion dollar companies. His addition to our executive team underscores our commitment to anticipating technological advancements and incorporating them into our offerings. By staying abreast of emerging technologies, we aim to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our customers, guiding them through transformative processes and enhancing their operational efficiency.

What is a key differentiator to being a trusted partner in the GovCon space?

[…] Unlike larger companies that may struggle to maintain internal cohesion after acquiring various businesses and talent, our middle-market firm thrives on strong internal relationships. This cohesion allows us to consistently deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients, maximizing our performance and enhancing trust. It also allows us to be more agile, pivoting quickly and acting decisively to meet our customer’s needs.

Further, our roots in small business imbues us with a mindset that values collaboration and seeks out the best solutions, even if they come from external partners. We actively seek partnerships with small businesses that complement our capabilities, ensuring that we bring the best value and most effective solutions to our customers.

You can read the full interview here.