Introducing Tria Federal

The Federal Advisory Partners (F|A|P) - Favor TechConsulting LLC (FTC) - Universal Consulting Services (UCS) Platform Becomes Tria Federal

Federal Advisory Partners (F|A|P), Favor TechConsulting, LLC (FTC), and Universal Consulting Services (UCS), three leading government services consulting firms with a proven record of success delivering innovative digital transformation solutions to US federal government agencies, today announced the rebrand of their integrated platform under the banner Tria Federal (Tria).

The strategic partnership between F|A|P, FTC, and UCS began in January, 2022, when management consulting firm F|A|P announced the acquisition of two leading IT and digital transformation firms FTC and UCS. The three firms synergistically aligned to position themselves as the leading middle-market IT and Advisory Services powerhouse delivering an unmatched combination of robust capabilities with the intimacy, agility, and customer focus of a boutique partner. The successful integration of the platform culminates today with the debut of the new name Tria Federal (Tria for short), a bold new brand identity, and the launch of a new website at

“With federal government agencies facing incredibly complex and dynamic challenges, we understand the need for robust, scalable, and transformative digital solutions to evolve IT ecosystems, optimize value streams, and enhance business agility,” commented Tria CEO Tim Borchert. “Tria delivers a powerful combination of Advisory services and technology solutions to help our government partners face these pressing challenges. Tria is a force-multiplier, bringing the best of the three legacy companies together into one integrated, multidisciplinary team delivering forward-thinking solutions that span the digital lifecycle. Wherever our customers are in their modernization journey, we bridge capability gaps to support a smarter, more efficient, future-thriving federal government.”

The name Tria (pronounced “TREE ah”), the Greek word for the number three, represents the three core pillars of service that are foundational to the corporate mission, vision, values, and culture: service to colleagues, customers, and community. With the mission to transform the business of government, Tria is committed to providing exceptional results in Advisory, IT, and National Security services, helping government agencies in the civilian, defense, intelligence, and healthcare space operate more efficiently and effectively. Tria’s core capabilities include: Management Consulting and Digital Advisory Services; Cyber, Privacy & Threat Detection; DevSecOps; Data Science, Automation & Analytics; IT Infrastructure & Modernization; Intelligence Engineering & Operations; Financial Transformation; Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration & Implementation; and Health IT, Research, Development & Informatics.

“As a values-driven company with a mission rooted in service, service is a defining element to who we are as a professional community, and is foundational to our corporate DNA, past present and future. We view the possible for the health of the federal ecosystem through a people lens. We are strategists, architects, integrators and problem solvers, but we are also citizens, neighbors, caregivers, and Veterans who are driven by a passion for the communities we serve,” Borchert said. “At Tria, we see digital transformation as an enabler of a future-ready federal government, and we are firmly committed to helping our government partners meet the increasing demand to modernize for improved efficiency and mission readiness.”