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A New View of Health for the Federal Ecosystem

What is Health in the business of government? Through digital transformation, we support a healthier federal ecosystem grounded in knowledge, security, and progress. Here's how the Tria team is re-imagining concepts of holistic Health across the federal ecosystem.

What is Health in the Federal Ecosystem?

Tria is the partner of choice behind a smarter, nimble, future-ready federal government byproviding cutting-edge IT and Advisory solutions to support the holistic health of our agency partners.

But what exactly does “Holistic Health” have to do with the business of government?

The concept of “health” in its most traditional sense is certainly a crucial component to a thriving federal ecosystem. The federal health network is the largest integrated health care system in the US – with the VA alone providing services for more than 9 million enrolled Veterans per year from more than 1,298 health facilities, medical centers, and point of care clinics around the country. As Health IT experts with deep domain expertise from decades driving positive outcomes across the continuum of care, we are performing some of the most critical enablement services. Throughout the defense and civilian health ecosystem, Tria is developing and integrating systems that allow for better care coordination, modernizing the fiscal backbone, advancing the electronic medical information modernization effort, securing and protecting information, and designing services to support new models of care.

At Tria, we are re-imagining the concept of “health” in the context of the federal ecosystem. We see “health” in the business of government extending beyond the tradition sense of health services administration and patient care. In our view, true “health” encompasses other fundamental tenets of wellbeing: community, safety, security, knowledge, protection, justice, and trust. True “health” is grounded in these broader concepts – and impossible without them. A healthy federal ecosystem is only really possible when the systems, resources, mechanisms, and processes behind it enable these foundational concepts of “wellness” to be felt by the citizens it serves.

At Tria, we see digital transformation as an enabler of a healthy, thriving, future-ready federal government. Combining the depth of our decades-long program perspective with our expertise delivering decision-ready data at mission-relevant speed, we help government agencies pivot from short-term fixes to future-forward solutions that make knowledge, security, safety, and progress possible.

Our solutions enable trust: from the warfighter requiring decision-quality intelligence at speed of mission, to the citizen in need of urgent front-line disaster relief, to the Veteran seeking critical care after service, we support the mechanisms that deliver critical information where it’s needed most.

Our solutions enable security: ensuring that our warfighters have unparalleled support through of intelligence engineering. We are mitigating the risk of cyber threats for our government partners and recovering from intrusions when they do happen provides a blanket of protection to our data, information, and systems.

Our solutions enable support in trying times: disaster relief, response management during a global pandemic, system enablement to predict emergencies, and ensuring an efficient infrastructure to ensure services are provided at the right time.

Our solutions bolster mission systems integration, mission support services, national security programs, and justice projects – the mainstays of our citizen republic.

Our solutions help citizens receive the benefits and services they have earned after service, life milestone, or when in need. Our commitment to our fellow man is paramount to our ethos, and our work supports our “why.”

At Tria, driving the new possible to our clients, communities, and our colleagues, we see transformation through a people lens. We are strategists, architects, integrators and problem solvers – but we are also citizens, soldiers, caregivers, and neighbors driven by a passion for the communities we serve. As people powering possible, we are designing future-forward solutions to help our government care, protect, secure – and thrive.

This is holistic health.

  • About Monica Rosser

    Monica Rosser brings more than 15 years of experience to lead Tria’s growth division. As chief growth officer, she leads all aspects of business development, organic and inorganic growth, and conducts the overall go to market strategy that effectively communicates Tria’s value proposition. Her work has lead to monumental growth for the Tria portfolio. She works cross functionally with other leaders across Tria to execute the corporate growth strategy, achieve overall business objectives, and accelerate growth to exceed customer needs and expectations.